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heeeey so i was going through my psd folder and i found this old colouring which i’ll probably never use again!!!! it’s not very exciting but it makes gifs warm and brown and its a little different from the colourings kids nowadays are usin…i made it for glee but ive mainly used it on pll but i havent tried it on much of season 4 or season 5 at all… it also works on interviews ect.. so anyway if you want to see some examples here are some (note; i obviously adjusted them alot (mainly the vibrance layer) on different photosets to make them lighter or darker but you can achieve all of these with the one colouring so)
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PSD #419 by drunkandcoloring
  • Contains vibrance. 
  • Mixes a pastel/muted effect. 
  • B&W option. 
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Glee PSD #257
Should work on every season five scene.
Contains Vibrance.
(note:adjust the layers named ‘adjust’)
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psd 418 mf / ss

*contains vibrance.
*works on any show, preferably on scenes shot in daylight.
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Hey so I made a photoshop action for pictures for you guys! I added in a psd that works on every single picture i tried it on. This action will sharpen your pictures and add a grainy effect that is very popular right now. Download the action here, and the psd here.

psd 417 mf / ss

*contains vibrance.
*works on any show, preferably on scenes shot in daylight.
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psd 416→ da
*contains vibrance, works on all pictures.

Glee PSD #243
Request for a season 5 psd,
Adjust the brightness layer.
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hey so as i said if anyone wanted the psd i used on this, i would post it so here you go!! i added a black and white layer and it should work on most pll scenes just adjust brightness/curves layers :) please like or reblog if you download, xx.

psd 415 mf / ss

*contains vibrance.
*as per request, a psd for miley cyrus videos.
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